Friday, September 08, 2006

TIFF: Take the Good, Take the Bad

Any first time travel experience is partially about learning.

The good...the dinner was great. Such nice company...finally got to meet Darren, Michael, Girish, and have a great time of fellowship and food. I even liked the Ethiopian food.

The not so good...I've been priding myself on how lightly I packed. But I guess any venue that includes much waiting in line should also include a hat and an umbrella in your luggage. Got rained on trying to rush tickets for The Host. It was borderline whether or not I would get in, but I finallly called it. Figured if I did I would be cold and miserable all through the film.

I think I resolved the conflict for tomorrow. I'm going to try to buy Doug's ticket for Manufactured Landscapes so that I can see it instead of Deliver Us From Evil. At least that's the plan. But first up...The Pervert's Guide to Cinema.

Man, I just like typing that title.

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