Sunday, September 10, 2006

TIFF: Of Perverts and Rescues

Well yesterday was packed. As expected the first weekend was busier than even the Friday with the lines growing. I pretty much went non-stop from one film to the next.

Some bullet comments below:
The Pervert's Guide to Cinema--Fun and funny, I've equated this to a college class with a loopy, entertaining professor who doesn't grade hard. You walk out going, "I really enjoyed that class" but when asked what you learn you ramble incoherently about his rambling points. Not that Zizek was incoherent. It wasn't an emperor with no clothes experience. He knew the movies and the individual points were followable and interesting. But structurally it was like ADD on crank.

Manufactured Landscapes:
The artistry was great, and I've said I'll like it more as I get distance from it and some of the "this is neutral" spin going on. When did having an ideology become such a bad thing?

The Lake of Fire:
Tony Kaye's 135 minute, excrutiatingly long abortion documentary. Ends up being more about the debate than the subject. Being called balanced (which it is, but which isn't necessarily the same thing as being fair). I wondered if it achieved that by simply not being selective in inclusion. Everyone has their say...and then has it again.

Rescue Dawn
Werner Herzog's "unfinished business" with the Dieter Dengle story. I preferred Little Dieter Needs to Fly, but it was an interesting film to think and talk about. Like Lord of the Rings, I imagine I would have liked it more had I not had a previous relationship with the subject matter.

In terms of festival experience, directors were at last three films and stars at Manufactured Landscapes and Rescue Dawn. I wish I had scheduled more time for the Q&As (learned something for next year), but it was interesting to see (especially with Herzog) the fanboy side of the slightly more sophisticated audience.

I'm very, very, tired though. Will definitely write more as I get time and distance.

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