Friday, September 29, 2006

New Best at Buckhorn

My calendar tells me the summer is long over (it's week 6 of classes), but the North Carolina weather still allows me to get in some Disc Golf.

Towards the end of the Summer, I flirted with a personal best at Buckhorn several times, at least twice going to the 17th green below my best score only to put my approach in the water.

Well, I don't know if these are the dog days or the Indian days of Summer, but I managed to get out there around 5 on a Friday, and finally got over that hump.

As is so often the case with golf goals, I didn't do it the way I expected. In fact, I failed to birdie the three statistically easiest holes on the course (2, 5, 8), but I had only two fours (4 & 12), and managed birdies on 1, 6, 9, 10, 11, & 13. Most importantly, I finally got an approach over that darn lake/pond on 17 for an easy three. And it needed to be an easy three, because the nerves were getting tight.

So, having finally passed that milestone, I'm hoping that will free me up to try some other things to just work on my game. Maybe play the long tees a few times, start on different holes, work on a flick or a different approach to one or two holes, maybe even go play a few of the other courses in the area to get them back in the rotation.

Buckhorn: (White Tees)

2-3-3 4-3-2 3-3-2 (Out) 25
2-2-4 2-3-3 3-3-3 (In) 25 (50)


BlackLineFish said...

Wow, you still play frisbee golf... that's cool.

I'll start week 6 on Monday - so you're a week ahead.

The reason I even searched for your name a few days ago was this:

That's right, Galaga...

--g haddock

T.C. Truffin said...

Congrats! I know you've been striving for this since you got there.