Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Infamous Review at Looking Closer

My latest review, of Douglas McGrath's Infamous, is now up at Looking Closer.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Blockbuster continues to shoot itself in the foot...

I adopted Netflix early, and most marketers will tell you that consumers are creatures of habit.

I've continually tried out Blockbuster's online service, though, and I'm always surprised that they have been so poor at utilizing their strengths over Netflix by failing to capitalize on the potential of online/live store synergy.

Sometimes I want a new release, and these are usually long wait online.

Sometimes I want a hard to find title, like, say, Kurosawa's Rhapsody in August.

So you would think that the new Total Access would be just up my alley. Blockbuster has advertised that you can return Online rentals to the store and get a free movie.

More importantly, given the "no late fees" fiasco and the price fluctuations, the problems with Mycokewards coupons not being honored, the on-line coupon reminders being sent to my inbox the wrong day, the way they advertised a coupon for a "free rental" then put in fine print that it was only for a week long rental (not a new release) unless you had particular online service, you would think they would pre-test the Total Access to get the bugs out of the system before going live.

Think again.

Depsite listing my first choices as "available," Blockbuster has consistently sent me films from the bottom half of my queue. When I went online, their help page said:

We review all "Available" titles in your queue, and determine which titles are available for 2-day shipping at your nearest distribution center(s). If the requested title is outside the 2-day shipping window, it will be skipped over for a title further on your list.

We understand this may be frustrating if you are waiting for a specific title that is continuously being skipped. We are currently reviewing this process in order to improve in this area. We appreciate your patience as we do this.

So, um, they will never send me the top item on my list as long as it is not in the nearest distribution center, no matter how long I've waited for it, if there is any other item on my list closer?

Who cares which movie I actually want, they need to be able to say, "x percent were delivered in 2 days or less." Psssh.

They are currrently reviewing this process in order to improve in this area.

I am currently back on the old reliable--Netflix.

You had a window to impress me with your new service, Blockbuster. Instead, it was same old, same old.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Good Year

Here is a link to my review of the new Ridley Scott film.