Monday, September 25, 2006

How to Rip Off Peerflix members...with the company's help.

So Peerflix is a DVD swapping service where you trade DVDs you don't want for credits that can be applied to for DVDs you do want. I got some decent service, but recently I was informed by customer service that I had been docked Peerbux because a DVD I sent was deemed to be a pirated/illegal copy.

Of course I've never sent a pirated copy of any DVD. Not coincidentally, the copy goes from the person it was allegedly sent to to Peerflix with the claim of "hey, this was the DVD I got in the mail." So, you want to rip off Peerflix...this is apparently how you do it...

1) Order a hard to find or valuable DVD.
2) Make a copy of it.
3) Send the copy of it to Peerflix with a note saying it was the DVD that was send to you by another user.
4) Get your cost refunded to you.
[Shame about the person who sent it to you and is now out both the DVD and the credit, but hey...]

Alternate method (this one just rips off the company).
1) Have a broken or unplayable DVD?
2) List it as tradeable.
3) Send it to the user who requests it.
4) They fill out a "broken in transit" claim and send it to Peerflix security.
5) You get credit (Peerbux) for sending the DVD but the other user gets his Peerbux refunded. Post office gets the blame.

So, I've given up on Peerflix for the time being. That's a shame, since I got some good trades.

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T.C. Truffin said...

That's too bad that you had that problem. Wade introduced us to BookMooch which is a similar idea except with books. Maybe there'd be less trouble with books.