Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McCain Calls His Supporters "Fringe Element"

It's not often that a candidate calls his own supporters a "fringe element." Usually that sort of characterization is reserved for the other side.

Just to clarify, Senator John McCain was not talking about democrats when he said, "There is always the fringe element in American politics." He was asked to respond to the claim that there has been anger at his rallies.

So remember, all you John McCain supporters...if you went to a McCain rally and expressed anger, you are not one of the "decent and patriotic" Americans that McCain covets--you are a "fringe element" and John McCain is embarrassed by and for you.

Then, again, in the same article, McCain said of being down in the polls, "We're happy with where we're at," so it's hard to take anything seriously coming from the GOP camp. Sort of like when Sarah Palin responds to a bipartisan report saying she broke the law and abused power by saying she was happy the commission cleared her of any wrong doing.

Ummm, excuse me Governor Palin, you keep using those words...I don't think they mean what you think they mean.

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