Saturday, October 18, 2008

And You Think The Financial Meltdown has Hurt You?

CNN reports that retired Republican Senator John Danforth has told the New York Times:

"This is a year where everything that could go in Obama's favor is going in Obama's favor. Everything that could go against McCain is against him. It's absolutely the worst kind of perfect storm."
But hey, enough about Main Street, let's talk about how things have affected John McCain! Well, turns out that by hurting main street, the financial meltdown has made them look at who they think might actually help them.

Danforth's statement ranks right up there with Phil Gramm's soon to be infamous "nation of whiners" response to the meltdown and McCain's previously blogged "because life is not fair" remark (when asked why he thought polls were going Obama's way).

You know, this financial crisis is terrible not because it exploded the deficit, saddled children with debt, cost jobs and homes but because it came at the worst possible time for John McCain.

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