Friday, October 24, 2008

D.L. Hughley Breaks the "News"??

Okay, I've been pretty critical of the conservative notion that the American media is biased. And I've been pretty critical of Governor Palin's false eschewing of labels when she in fact indulgences in labels and stereotypes all the time.

So I had to cringe when CNN's newest show was D.L. Hughley Breaks the News.

Hughley, on a cable news network, gave a monologue that included such gems as were Obama to have a place for Colin Powell in his administration, it would be the first time two black people were in the White House "since Thomas Jefferson had a three-way" and then went on to say the Election had somehow influenced the world series because the reason the Boston Red Sox lost to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays was that the were "all white." Of course, no monologue would be complete without some reference to John McCain's age; Hughley opined that McCain was especially disappointed that a 106 year-old nun recently endorsed Obama because "they used to date" (he somehow didn't realize or care that this may be insulting to the nun, making light of her vows, as it was of McCain). He also suggested that McCain's legacy would be historically tarnished if he lost because he would be forever known as the guy who couldn't even beat a black man. Oh yeah, and in riffing about Obama's cholestrol level, Hughley trotted out the old ethnic stereotypes about eating fatty foods. It was all positively cringe worthy.

There are, I suppose, a lot of comments one could make about this. It's hard to call out Hughley for cheap remarks when the GOP and McCain's follows are full of them, but, "They started it" is hardly a convincing disavowal.

Really, though, the main thing that jumps out to me is why the heck was this on CNN? If Hughley had given the same monologue on Comedy Central, or Fox (hah, fat chance) or the WB, or NBC (like, say on SNL), I'd still find it offensive, but I wouldn't find it disingenuous. This show was on CNN, though, and the clip above was linked not to the "Entertainment" page on CNN but to the "Politics" page on CNN. This isn't news and reporting, it is a showcase on a major news network for a "comedian" to engage in partisan satire. Whatever credibility CNN has as a respected news network just took a big hit.


Anonymous said...

I lasted 5 minutes watching this show. It's flat-out racist and has no business on CNN.

Jennifer said...

I thought it was degrading to all black americans. I didn't find anything about this show funny. What was odd the host was a black man making fun of his own race with old racist flim clips with Lil Sammy Davis singing while holding a pork chop in his hand. Way to go D.L. better check who's writing your pay check. Shame on you for being used in this way. Not to smart CNN. Jennifer from Louisiana.

David Bain said...

I attempted to watch the show on Saturday night and didn't make it past the monologue. The D. L. opening lines were unoriginal, uninspired, utterly offensive and worst of all UNFUNNY.
I gave the show a second chance on Sunday and I'm glad I did - while the Monologue struck me as even more flawed the 2nd time around- the rest of show contained some golden nuggets of comedy (like an apperance by Freddy Mac and taped visit to a Palin rally) amid the dross (like an interruption by CNN's "Truth Squad"). Over all I'd give the show a 6 out of 10 or 3.5 stars or half a moon pie or ... well I'm sure you get the picture.

Anonymous said...

I was very disappointed with D.L. Hughley Breaks the News. I have a lot of respect for Barack Obama. There is a funny and classy way to create political humor but D.L Hughley did not deliver. His show was miserable. He should be ashamed of himself.