Thursday, October 02, 2008

Life's Not Fair

In a recent interview on Fox News, Senator John McCain was asked why he thought, given his claim that he suspended his campaign to work on finance crisis, so many polls show Senator Barack Obama gaining ground since it happened.

His reply?

"Because life's not fair."

Then he--and the announcers--have a good laugh.

Yes, it's tough being John McCain. Not only do you have to remember how many houses you own to ward off all those pesky journalists playing "gotcha" journalism, but your job security is dependent upon ignorant slobs (I mean voters), many of whom admit outright that they don't share your values and who--in infuriating maverick-like fashion--insist upon doing what they think is right rather than what you tell them to do.

Yes, life has not been fair to John McCain. It is increasingly looking like he will not get to be the supreme leader of the land...

...because he had the tragic misfortune...

...of being born into a democracy.

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peter said...

I don't really have anything to say, I just wanted to get firsties before someone posted a link "documenting" how unfair the media has in fact been to McCain/Palin.

I'm trying to muster enough fortitude to watch the VP candidates' debate, but I'm not sure how much patience I'll have for another battle of who's more clever at working any given question towards their pre-determined talking points.