Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Disc Golf Trip: Burnsville, MN

Little bit of a transition day as we made our way back to Minneapolis before turning South. Was a hot, humid day, and I only ended up playing Alimagnet Lake Park near Burnsville (Minneapolis suburb). It was only twelve holes and fine for a neighborhood park. I took a +1 (three birdies, four bogeys), which was irritating because I just wasn't concentrating on easy approach shots or didn't know particular layouts which affected approaches.

One of the baskets was stolen. I noticed at Fargo that there was a reward being offered for four stolen baskets and wondered whether basket theft was more popular in certain areas.

Couple of random trip notes:

--saw a deer near an exit at Indiana.
--in Wisconsin saw a blur running across a field. Looked at it and realized it was a bear. Wow, cool animals.
--notice on the map that we were near Mankato and Sleepy Eye, but I couldn't find Walnut Grove, which I might very well have made a sojourn to see. (Todd and I went to Sleepy Hollow but skipped Robert Frost home.)
--I would have thought I was making hasty generalizations about the way Minnesotans drive (not well) if there hadn't been a stand at the welcome center offering me tips on how to cope with "aggressive drivers."
--According to the rules of the 2007 Mashed Potato Scupture Contest at the Potato Days Festival in Barnesvill, MN, entrants may "embellish" their sculptures with "materials of their choice" as long as those materials don't include paint or more potatoes.

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