Sunday, July 22, 2007

2007 Disc Golf Trip--Illinois

It is ironic that in my quest to play disc golf in all 50 states that Illinois was the last state I played east of the Mississippi. (Because Cindy and I lived in Illinois for 10 years.) I was planning on playing in the trip we took with the Truffins several years ago, but rain prevented it.

Cindy and I played 9 holes at Long View Park in Rock Island, IL. The park was wide and spacious, and the grounds were immaculately mantained, but we couldn't find tee markers. (They were set in the ground to allow mowers to go over them.) Because the holes were so long and there were so many up and downs, we spent more time looking for tees than throwing the holes.

Despite some long holes, we did manage to play par golf over nine holes, thanks to a booming downhill drive on #1 and a long putt on another hole. Just walking the course was a challenge, and the time constraints sent us on to DeKalb without finishing the round.

My friend Mark and his son Chris went out with me to Kirkland, Illinois to play a new ocurse there. It was surprisingly fun, little course, but there were a bunch of geese on the river, so the course was overrun with goose droppoings. I threw an SE Leopard into the Kishwaukee. (Grrr.) It wasn't grip lock, just a matter of not knowing the hole and realizing where the shore line was.

I did get some nice birdies, and Illinois is on the board, raising the total number of states played to 36 or 37.

Longview Park; Rock Island, Illinois

2-4-2 4-4-3 2-3-3 (27) Out

Pioneer Park; Kirkland, Illinois

2-3-3 3-3-3 3-3-2 (25) Out
3-4-2 4-3-2 3-2-3 (26) In 51

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