Friday, July 13, 2007

2007 Disc Golf Trip--Day 3; Tiffin, Ohio

I returned to Hedges-Boyer with Todd and Cindy to play some singles, and I was happy to throw a 56 (1 under par for 19 holes). I threw in two longer putts, but I chunked two approaches. Overall, I was very happy, carding five deuces on a longer course and getting in a round under par. (I hope I can keep up the putting at Ada tomorrow.)

I looked up the course stats on the PDGA site, and 56 was a 909 rated round in their last tournament, which feels about right. I could easily have been 3-4 strokes lower if some putts had fallen, but I could also have been 2-3 strokes higher.

I'm still thinking about not knowing what my strengths are. I don't think of myself as being good or better at longer courses...but I seem to be getting good results on longer courses. (There is less margin for error on short courses, I know.)

Hedges-Boyer Park; Tiffin, Ohio (19 holes)

2-3-3 3-3-2 3-3-2-4 (28) OUT
3-2-3 4-4-3 3-2-4 (28) IN 56

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