Saturday, February 24, 2007

Movie Prayers: Les Anges du Peche

"Let me talk to you directly. Your saints will understand why. Look at me...listen to me! Take my anguish away from me. Tell me the burden you loaded me with by letting me know a desperate soul's secret is a test which will breed my purest joy. Protect me with your Hand. Deliver us from evil..."
"You who never watch over me. Thank you for receiving me every night. They have filled the gap with thorns. For them, I'm a prowler...stealing bits of eternal peace. For you, I remain your child. Every night I leave my barn to come to you and [???] a world-wide audience. You are not a S[???] yet you desired to stay with us as long as possible like a sample human being...a simple brother. That is why I dare offer miserable complaint before my prayers. Help me, my grief is too deep! And Teresa, Teresa who you entrusted to me...let me recognize her voice in that hymn...which I have no longer the right to sing. "[Faints]

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