Saturday, February 24, 2007

For The Record

For the record, yes, I have been banned from a certain website at which I used to post comments about spirituality and the arts. The moderator has denied several times that this is the case, and I'm mostly willing to say "whatever" and move on, but I mention it here because I recently received yet another "Private Message" from a user of that site to which I was unable to respond because he was using the site's internal messaging function which no longer works for my account.

Because several people have asked me whether or not this is just some cute semantic parsing or honest misunderstanding about terminology, by "banned" I mean:

1) I am administratively prohibited from posting comments at this site. (No, I have not asked to be banned from posting comments. Yes, I have tried to post comments. I receive a pop-up message saying, "Your posting privileges have been removed.")

2) I am unable to send messages using the site's messaging function nor to respond to messages sent to me. (No, I did not ask to have my messaging capabilities revoked. Yes, I have tried to reply to private messages. I receive a message that says I have exceeded your message limit and the message has not been sent, regardless of the fact that I do not have any messages in my inbox or sent folder.)

If you recently sent me a private message from this website and I have not responded, either:
a) I didn't get it.
b) I got it but could not respond to it because I don't have your e-mail address and you don't have it listed in your profile at the site in question.


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