Sunday, May 04, 2008

That's a Push..

So I got this invitation for a "select" shopping experience where the Best Buy in Raleigh would be open only to members and have double rewards points on every purchase. I decided to break down and replace the stereo in my car with one that has a line in for my Ipod.

I got there, selected the model I wanted and was ready to purchase only to be told that there were no installers present and we could only buy merchandise, we would have to come back to have it installed.

Okay, what management idiot made that call? (Let's give people incentive to get to the store where they'll be provided with a disincentive to, you know, actually buy anything.)

So I was pretty irritated.

But then I won a $50 gift card at the next drawing....

Which I would happily have used to justify buying the slightly more expense model of car stereo that the sales guy was trying to upsell me...

But instead I walked out of the store with no stereo and a card for $50 dollars worth of any merchandise except what I wanted to buy.

I should be singing Best Buy's praises...and I may still buy it from them (only at a different store that's closer to me). Or I may just see if Wal-Mart will do it and use the gift card for I-Tunes or something. (I'd probably just buy DVDs if they weren't so much more expensive to start with than getting them used.)

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