Thursday, May 15, 2008

Odds and Ends

On vacation with friends and only intermittent contact to the Internet. So, some hit or miss blog thoughts, rapid-fire style:

--graduation speaker this year said that a key to success is maintaining a relationship with God or "some other higher being." Weird thing was that nobody batted an eye (conforming that nobody actually listens to graduation speakers). I'm not sure what higher being in addition to God I want to have a relationship with.

--after what seems like ages, I finally got to play some disc golf. Cindy, Todd, and I played the course in Newport News, Virginia. We were playing "Wolf" and after Todd's drive he chose to pair with Cindy. I promptly hit the basket on my drive, narrowly missing an ace. (And is there a more frustrating play in disc golf than the tee shot that hits the basket and bounds off it so hard that the deuce putt is not a gimme?)

--legend has it there is a crystal skull. "It is made completely of gold." WTF?

--every time I think I could not possibly be more embarrassed at who was elected the leader of my country, President George W. Bush proves me wrong. His latest? Why he gave up golf. There is a longer, more serious blog in response to this interview, but I don't know when I'll have time to write it. (It would reference Sir Philip Sidney's defense of poetry, though.) For now I'll just say this...Natalie Means is looking smarter each passing day, isn't she?

--Saw Iron Man. Didn't hate it, exactly, but after the first 45 minutes I was more interested in when it would be over than how it would be over. There is a longer essay in response to this film, but I'll probably never blog it. The intricacies of the cultural work going on here are almost as complex as the special effects, what with the ways in which it takes a weapons maker who is first for and then against the war but shows that he wasn't wrong in either (political) stance. I believe in suspension of disbelief and all, but when one is hit by a jet going 800 miles an hour, one tends to die, I would think, even if one is wearing titanium armor.

--Saw Untraceable. I just don't get the horror porn genre. (And this was horror porn, just with a better cast.) The theme of complicity ("We are the murder weapons") was neither fresh nor well thought out. (What was Marsh's alleged complicity?) Thus, I haven't seen a film that simultaneously pretends to denounce some position, action, or behavior of the audience while actually pandering to it by depending on it since...well, Iron Man.


Peter T Chattaway said...

FWIW, I believe it is not the crystal skull, but the lost city that is supposed to house it, that is made entirely of gold.

Elizabeth said...

People may well have batted eyes at the "some higher being" comment, but who's going to jump up in the middle of a commencement and accuse a state official of fuzzy theology?

On the other hand, you're probably right that most of us weren't listening very carefully,