Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sweeney Todd


Could someone pretty please explain the end of this film to me, because I've watched it several times (the end), and I still can't follow what happens. It looks like to me like...

Anthony brings Joanna to Barber Shop (in disguise as boy) and tells her to wait. She hides in box. Alan Rickman comes to shop looking for Joanna and Todd kills him and dumps him in the chute. Box opens and Todd doesn't recognize Joanna and offers to shave him/her, but hears scream. He tells "Joanna" to wait there and goes down to basement where Mrs. Lovett is finishing off Rickman, but there sees (what looks to me like) dead Joanna and so throws Mrs. Lovett into the fire. Or is the other dead figure in the basement Anthony? And who killed him? (Mrs. Lovett?)

Little help?


Jess said...

the dead person that looks like joanna is actually his wife. she was alive all along but nutty and crazy and mrs lovett made todd believe that she was dead cuz she was in love with him. so he was pissed and threw her in the fire, and then cried over his dead wife that he killed on accident.

Kenneth R. Morefield said...

Thank you. That makes much more sense than my version!