Saturday, November 01, 2008

I'll Have the Chicken

David Sedaris sums up my feelings on this year's presidential election.


jackdiamondback said...


This not about the New Yorker article, although it was fabulous. I ran across your blog about Joan Bedinger, thanks to my sister Barbara (WTW 1976). I met Joan in her first year at WTW--1965--and did "Rebel Without A Cause" and Annie Get Your Gun" with her. I really loved her and so did everyone who knew her. I saw her in 1970 when I returned from Vietnam and again in 1972 after I left the Army and returned to Fairfax for a short period of time before moving to Vermont for undergrad school. Your blog about her was wonderful and I would have come back from Oregon (where I now reside), if I had known. I subscribed to your blog. Love you political stuff.

Stu Steinberg, WTW 1966.

Kenneth R. Morefield said...

Nice to meet you.

If I needed any more proof of Joan's legacy, the number of old friends and new acquaintances who have contacted me about that blog would tell me all I needed to know about the effect that she had on so many people.

Appreciate your kind words and thank you for your service to our country in Vietnam. I hope and wish that all Americans of whatever political persuasion will never forget that wars are fought by human beings who deserve our respect and thanks.