Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Come on North Carolina....

...make me proud of my adopted home.

I get to spend Christmas with friends and relatives from California and Ohio.

Don't make me be the only one hanging my head.

ABC NEWS Says 100% reporting:

McCain (R) 2,088,670 49%
Obama (D) 2,102,175 50%


Even though I am a Duke fan, from this day forward the phrase "Tarheel Blue" will have a special place in my heart.


Doug said...

Ken, I heard the news this morning that NC went to decisively to Obama--congratulations!

Kenneth R. Morefield said...

Which news? I have heard any major network make that announcement.

North Carolina will go blue eventually, it is only a matter of time. Personally, I think the board of elections is following the letter of the law to not finalize results for several weeks while assessing "provisional" ballots, many of which won't count and the number of which won't be enough to turn the election, even if they were mostly for McCain (historically they are not, they are usually more skewed to
Democrats). Even the COE has conceded that the process will mostly just pad the numbers for Obama...but the law requires them to do so.

I think most major news venues (AP/CNN/Networks) don't want to call it because they know that with the electoral college decided,
even if there were some funny business that made them announce an 11th hour change people the process would drag on even longer
and they might be afraid that they would look bad. I think the Indiana people were much more gracious--despite some early rumblings
about using ACORN as a smokescreen to challenge results. Missouri, conversely will go red, as will the last district in Nebraska.

Kenneth R. Morefield said...

I take it back, the AP called it this morning saying a survey said there were not enough provisional votes left to offset the margin of victory.

FOX News also called it on their web site, although CNN hasn't nor ABC. Hmmm. Good for FOX (don't say THAT often).

Kenneth R. Morefield said...

Looks like I spoke too soon, Omaha may still go blue giving Obama one last Electoral Vote (and wouldn't that be the cherry on top):