Wednesday, September 17, 2008

That Other Thing...the Opposite of Losing

So, I managed to take first place in the Masters (i.e. over 40) division of the monthly at OT Sloan in Sanford on Saturday, carding two rounds of 51 and 49 respectively. (The latter being the best score I've carded at that course in about three years and providing evidence that I may actually be getting a little better.) Yes, there were only five players in the division, but hey, a win is a win, and it was my first cash playing singles in about two years. (I don't think I would have won had the full retinue of usuall players been there, but based on past experience, I do think I would have cashed anyway; some of the local players were at the PDGA tournament in Cary, I think.)

So, all hail me. Victory is mine.

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