Friday, August 29, 2008

Waiting is the Hardest Part...

Word out of Toronto is that the advance ticketing has begun.

Fedex says it delivered my booklet this morning, but I don't know what bin number I am in. The TIFF website says that the lottery showed they would begin with bin #9. Since there were over 40 yesterday, I assume my bin number is somewhere in the 60s or higher. Not a great draw, but past experience tells me that if I have a number of films scheduled at non-peak hours or in larger venues, I have a good shot.

The only film I specifically remember getting shut out of was Manufactured Landscapes (my friend Doug swapped me his ticket and rushed it) and that was at the smaller Isabel Bader venue. So that may not bode well for the Agnes Varda retrospective. But I've got a lot of films scheduled at the Scotia Bank or the Varsity (though, curiously, not too many at the Ryerson this year), and those theaters are huge.

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