Saturday, August 16, 2008

Campbell Law Graduate Wins American Bar Association Award

It is an American tradition to complain about one's work and one's employer, so I think it is important to acknowledge those times and places where one's colleagues or representatives of one's employer make you proud to work where you do.

Lt. Colonel Stuart Couch, USMC is a Campbell University (School of Law) graduate, and winner of the American Bar Association's Minister of Justice Award.

In the above linked article, Campbell Professor of Law William Woodruff said, "I am deeply proud that Stuart Couch is not just a lawyer, but a Campbell lawyer."

As a member of Campbell University's faculty, I share Professor Woodruff's pride in one of our alums. As an American, I'm deeply grateful to all members of our armed forces. As a Christian, I'm thankful for models of principle in integrity brought to and maintained in all professions and parts of our culture.

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