Saturday, August 23, 2008

Good Work if You Can Get It

I was amused (while belatedly listening to's podcast) that Senator John McCain had a campaign misfire last week when he had to consult with his staff in order to answer (or correct the answer he had already given to) the question, "How many houses do you own?"

It seems there was a difference of opinion in the McCain camp of whether or not, when answering this question, one should count guest homes that are located on one's property (in which case the answer would be "seven") or only count the homes that one lives in one self (in which case the answer would only be "four").

Gee...if someone asks me how many rooms I have in my house, I usually count the guest room, so I'm going with the "seven" answer, but if McCain's campaign wants to go with four, I guess we'll say it was an honest mistake.

I'm sure glad we got that confusion cleared up, so that now maybe we can work on less difficult questions like, for instance, how is it that Senator Barack Obama is the proponed elitist in the campaign?

I guess if I had to heat seven homes, I'd want to drill in Anwar too.


Peter T Chattaway said...

Elitism is a matter of attitude, not wealth. Americans, in general, want to be wealthy. They don't necessarily want to be elitist. So I'm not surprised that McCain's wealth would matter less to many Americans than Obama's attitude does.

peter said...

Take that Morefield, you elitist, you!

Actually, the funniest thing about the whole story to me is that McCain himself was obviously thinking the same question about whether or not to count investment properties, and just kept having to fall back to "I'll have my staff get that to you."

I don't begrudge him his wealth, just the hypocrisy of his campaign trying to fault Obama for his. As far as attitude goes, McCain has never exactly struck me as a man-of-the-people populist type. How many millions is it that make you rich, again?

peter said...

I should have said "guest houses," not "investment properties." Hey, does he own any of those?!

Peter T Chattaway said...

Has McCain really been faulting Obama for his wealth, per se? I thought their answer to the whole housing "issue" was that Barack "friend of Tony Rezko" Obama might want to think twice before making million-dollar mansions and the means by which candidates acquired them a campaign issue.

FWIW, I have heard that one of the other issues here is that McCain's houses might be owned by his wife, rather than McCain himself -- she being the wealthier of the two and all that. Some in McCain's camp are thus reportedly, uh, intrigued by the possibility that Obama has declared wives fair game for criticism now.

Kenneth R. Morefield said...

I couldn't imagine anyone on the right criticizing Michelle Obama, even if spouses were deemed fair game. That's just not something Republicans would do.

Peter T Chattaway said...

Heh. You're right. They might be more likely to plead the case of Obama's destitute half-brother, instead. ;)