Friday, August 03, 2007

Weil; Letters 3-6

Letters 3-6 are densely packed and hard to summarize, but they have
provided ample material on which to chew. These letters
include "Spiritual Autobiography" and "Last Thoughts."

Much of Weil's thoughts cover her correspondence with a priest who
has counseled her about why she will not be baptized. Her
explanation about a calling to remain outside the church as a
reminder that the church is not analogous to God's acceptance is
quite challenging, as is her discussion of the effects of dogma.

Here is a quote that encapsulates much of this section:

"Christianity being catholic by right but not in fact, I regard it
as legitimate on my part to be a member of the Church by right but
not in fact, not only for a time, but for my whole life if need be."

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