Thursday, August 30, 2007

T(oronto) Minus 6 Days and Counting...

I filled in my advance order book today for the Toronto International Film Festival. Wow. I'm so excited.

Here's what I requested:

September 6 (Thursday)

Fados (Carlos Saura)
The Brave One (Neil Jordan)

September 7 (Friday)

Les Amours d' Astree et de Celadon (Rohmer)
L'Advocate de la Terreur (Barbet Schroeder)
Vikaren/The Substitute (Bornedal)

September 8 (Saturday)

Rendition (Gavin Hood)
My Kid Could Paint That (Amir Bar-Lev)
Battle in Seattle (Stuart Townsend)
Centochiodi/100 Nails (Olmi)
Nothing is Private (Alan Ball)

September 9 (Sunday)

XXY (Lucia Puenzo)
Bucking Broadway (John Ford)
In memoria di me/In Memory of Myself (Saverio Costanzo)
Buda as Sharm Foru Rikht/Buddha Collapsed Out a Sense of Shame (Hana Makhmalbaf)
The Passage (Mark Heller)

Septebmer 10 (Monday)
No Country for Old Men (Coens)
When Did You Last See Your Father? (Anand Tucker)
Honeydripper (John Sayles)
Wavelengths/Pour vos beaux yeux

September 11 (Tuesday)
Love Comes Lately (Jan Schutte)

And that didn't even leave time for Starting out in the Evening; The Pope's Toilet; A Man From London; The Dictator Hunter; Iron Ladies from Liberia; Edge of Heaven; Eastern Promises; In Bloom; American Venus: My Enemy's Enemy; Darfur Now!; Shake Hands With the Devil; Nightwatching; Elizabeth: The Golden Age; Obscene; Night; The Passage; 1000 Years of Good Prayers; Encounters at the End of the World, Trumbo, The Girl in the Park; Into the Wild...

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