Monday, August 20, 2007

Internet Euchre Hall of Fame Part II

My earlier post on my thoughts about Euchre Hall of Fame got me thinking that it was a little thin. Like in baseball, it may be hard to compare euchre players from different eras, but I thought it interesting to look at Cases Ladder Stats for winning percentage of players with over 1,000 games. Recorded here are the top 3-4 players in terms of percentage of games won at increments:

Top Win Percents (1,000-4,999 games)
kenmorefield (56.7)
Sodacherrypop (54.951)
sgtpaw2003 (54.651)
breebrat2005 (53.96)

5,000-9,999 Games
dlf416 (56.87)
thorne_4845 (54.125)
debst102 (52.943)
candybard (52.02)

10,000-19,9999 Games
_95Crownvic_ (55.285)
donotgothere14 (53.77)
the_tee_train (53.66)

20,000+ Games
pimp_mama_frog (53.56)
Moderndaycowboy02 (53.02)
yoo_flung_poo_2 (53.10)
hunsbun (53.088) this demonstrates that the BEST euchre players lose 45 out of a 100 games. The most shocking thing about these lists is how quickly you get down to 52% or less, showing players averaging 52-48 over a 100 games. In baseball, that's not so good. In euchre, that means you are a legend.

Based on this list, I would definitely bump Hunsbun from the "on the fence" to "definitely should be in" a hypothetical Hall of Fame. I would also add _95crownvic who I have seen play and has the numbers to back up the perception that he is an elite player. Unfortunately (fortunately?) he apparently never really played frequently enough to advance in rank during the busy time. Ditto Cinbad (now named yoo_flung_poo_2), who has the longevity to go with the win percentage and who I have seen play. I think you also have to put sgtpaw, moderndaycowboy02, donotgothere, and the_tee_train on the "deserves serious consideration" list.

dlf416 looks like he/she should be in, but I confess I don't know this player and have never seen him/her play. (Is this one of those deceased players who had a bunch of memorial losses posted? If not, then I think he/she must be a great player.) I have played with or against thorne_4845, and I think these numbers are good at getting attention to some seriously good players whose names aren't always dropped as all time greats. I think I'd have to say thorne_4845 should be in if I'm making the final decision...and since this is my blog, well, I am.

Revised List:
tdeem1, klykey2, taco46, breebrat2005, kenmorefield, jacmajor, _95crownvic, yoo_flung_poo_2/Cinbad, hunsbun, thorne_4845,

Deserves serious consideration/can make a serious case they belong in "Hall of Fame": moderndaycowboy02, donotgothere, the_tee_train, dlf416, pimp_mama_frog, sgtpaw2003

P.S. As I look over this list and these figures, another thing jumps out at me. There are players (we all know who they are) who play "rank hounding" games. Who refuse to play rank challenging games while waiting for "up" games, who won't play or log on unless a higher ranked player comes on, who show up 5 minutes after a tournament has started and leave right after it ends, who don't exactly break the rules but who, when they get within sniffing distance of a high rank themselves show how much the "I don't care about rank" mantra is a posture.

Take a good look at the list of highest winning percentages, and it is interesting to me to see how many of the "any time, any place, anywhere" players there are.


dlf416 said...

ken we have played been years ago but we played dlf416 aka dan

Kenneth R. Morefield said...

Just goes to show how many really good players back then got overlooked because of the way ladder was set up to privilege the few who registered early. If you are ever around Advanced 5 these days (I drop in and out myself), let's play a few.