Saturday, June 09, 2007

Im a...what's that other thing, you know, the opposite of a loser?

Probably less than twenty showed up for this month's monthly at OT Sloan (all up in Winston-Salem, I guess). Well, I heard the ace pull was over $200, so I figured I'd go play even though there wouldn't be enough players for an Advanced-Masters division.

Because it was a monthly (I guess) we did have a division of two Masters...but it was played as Pro Masters because that's what the other guy played. I figured, okay, only real difference between that an playing open was who I gave my money to. Well, I won. (Last tourny victory of any kind...not weekly doubles...2002 Shenandoah Shag Intermediate division.)

I did manage to place in the prizes at Advanced once in a monthly...but little did I know, I have now won a pro division. (My take...$8 [paid in $12 got back $20]).

Unfortunately nobody hit the ace pool, so back for doubles on Monday.

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