Monday, June 25, 2007

2007 State Games of North Carolina


I had hopes for a better showing here, especially since my highest rated tournament rounds were at a short course. (Though I did have comparably rated rounds at Zebulon.) It was a one day tournament, so I thought fatigue would be less of a factor and it was a short course. I just couldn't make a 10 foot putt all day (for birdie, anyways, I made a few 15-20 footers for par). I think that's just a concentration issue as well as being tired. There's no reason to miss putts of that length. (Instead of putting the disc you just open your hand and gravity almost immediately makes the disc drop.)

Plus it always seems like someone is having a bad round and hence in a foul mood.

Still, I did get the ace in my warm up round Friday, and any round below par is a good round, even if it's an 850 rated round.

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