Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What's Better?: Douglas Sirk or Captain Kirk?

One is the captain of the Starship Enterprise. One is the director of Magnificent Obsession and All that Heaven Allows. One means death to red shirts; one uses red, autumnal colors.

"What's Better?": Douglas Sirk or Captain Kirk?


John said...

Sirk all the way. Never could get into Star Trek.

T.C. Truffin said...

Space...in between my ears. This is the effect of the starship Enterprise. It's five year mission: to encourage strange ideas. To seek out new minds and new couch domains. To boldly sit while others go exploring.

Oh, what was that other thing? Go, Captain!

Darrel Manson said...


Of course for a real contest I's have matched him against Cirque du Soleil

Gotta love those backseat drivers.

Diane said...

Gotta go with Sirk.

bethr said...