Friday, August 25, 2006

What's Best?: Free-for-all Friday

This week's "What's Better?" winners were:

M&Ms [over Eminem]
Being There [over Being John Malkovich]
Bullwinkle [over Bull Durham]
A Man Escaped [over Woman, Thou Art Loosed!]

All those are "better" but which is "best"?


T.C. Truffin said...

I'm reminded of a recent Johnny Cash song where he sings "Damn your eyes", and I'm taking the M&Ms.

Darrel Manson said...

Hmmmm. M&Ms or Bullwinkle? Bullwinkle or M&Ms? I'm truly torn. Bullwinkle, though, gets old after a few shows. M&Ms can be eaten and eaten and eaten. M & Ms get the vote.

John said...

I'll go with A Man Escaped for now. But if there is a close race at the end involving the moose, consider it changed so he can take it. That isn't illegal, is it?

BethR said...

Those are all fine choices, and M&Ms go well with all the other three, so I have to say: M&Ms

Michial said...

Bullwinkle, dude. Completely.