Monday, August 07, 2006

What's Best? Days of Wine and Roses or Umberto Eco

Never overestimate the power of music, I guess. After last battle featured a final between two musical entries, this round features one author and one film.

What can I say that I haven't already. You know the drill:

"What's Best?": Umberto Eco or Days of Wine and Roses?


Darrel Manson said...

Wine! Roses!

(more wine please.)

Darryl A. Armstrong said...

First he votes for Mann over Eco, now, Wine and Roses... I think the fellow who spells my name incorrectly just has something against Eco.

My vote goes for Eco, although it's uninformed. I've never seen the film.

Darrel Manson said...

maybe I just pick films over books.

Kenneth R. Morefield said...

Still 1-1 in OT.This one may go to PKs.

T.C. Truffin said...