Friday, July 07, 2006

What's Better: Round 1: Match 1

Okay, over at Arts&, I was lamenting the apparent disappearence of one of my favorite time wasting web sites,

The premise of the site was that you got two people, items, concepts, places, and you clicked on which one was better. Judging by the response to the A&F thread, it looks like I wasn't the only one who missed it.

So, to further promote numbingly mindless comparisons, I thought I'd try having a "What's Better?" tournament. I'll post 1 pair per day and see if I get any comments. Whichever pair gets the most votes (in the comment option) moves on. If there are enough responses, I might even make it double elimination. If there are no responses, I may just quit.

So here's your first "What's Better?" match up:

What's Better?
The March of the Penguins or The Flight of the Phoenix?


Kenneth R. Morefield said...

I have to say, Dennis Quaid is a very underrated actor...but those penguins are so darn cute. Still, some people don't like the anthropomorphizing. Then again, others don't like remaking perfectly serviceable Jimmy Stewart movies. (What's next? It's a Wonderful Life with Jim Carrey?)

A slight nod to the Penguins to get the voting under way.

Eliah Hecht said...

I haven't seen Flight of the Phoenix, but I hated Penguins so much that Phoenix just has to be better.

David Smedberg said...

Definitely March of the Penguins is better. I loved that movie. The fact that my little sister laughed so hard the whole theater could hear her didn't hurt.