Sunday, July 16, 2006

What's Better? Quarterfinal #2: Portman v. Truth

Quarter-Final #2 pits Natalie Portman in Revenge of the Sith v. An Inconvenient Truth.
Now, granted, one is an actress who appeared in what has to be one of the twenty or so highest grossing movies of all time, but the other features a man who did receive more votes for president than the man currently residing in the oval office. So to even things up, I pulled up another publicity photo, one without those honeybun hair braids.

Okay, let's make this official. Web surfer's, "What's Better?":
Natalie Portman in Revenge of the Sith or An Inconvenient Truth?


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Kenneth R. Morefield said...

Well, Gore did lose Florida, yes, but Amidalah didn't exactly do a stellar job of helping Naboo avoid global catastrophe. And I can't get those honeybuns out of my mind, even if Blogger won't link through to all the images on other sites.

Another vote for truth.