Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup 2010 Game 7: Ghana 1, Serbia 0

And the first African side to take an outright victory is...Ghana.

Grant Wahl at picked Serbia to win its group (over even Germany) and beat the United States in the knockout round. Group D has interest for American fans because the runner up in Group C plays the winner of Group D and vice-versa.

The last few days have been about big mistakes. England's goalkeeper letting in a howler and now Serbia's defender taking a hand ball in the box to give up a penalty kick. There was no question it was a hand ball, but I've always thought the judgments about "intentional" on those plays were pretty tough.

Ghana has a great chance to go through, now. They beat the United States four years ago, but this group was supposed to be a younger team. Sometimes, though, youth doesn't feel the pressure the way veterans do.

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