Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is it just me...?

Or does anyone else really hate the 2007 MS-Word?

I had to get the new Office Suite when I replaced my laptop computer recently, and I've found that even after a year of usage, I still struggle to find things in the new MS-Word. I understand fixing bugs and everything, but so many of the features are hidden in counter-intuitive menus--hey, let's put headers and footers under "Insert" instead of "Page Formatting"--or moved (the weird symbol is now the "Save" menu that one ends up having to re-learn just about everything in regards to a program one has already invested countless hours learning.

Oh, and the default styles are like run by gremlins. One can't change line spacing just by using the paragraph formatting anymore, one has to adjust the "Styles" that throws lines in-between paragraphs.

I really hate this "upgrade."

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