Wednesday, July 30, 2008

David Elginbrod Voice Recording

Due to a glut of recent activity, I've neglected to mention that I recently finished recording George MacDonald's David Elginbrod for Librivox.

These audio files can be downloaded all at once, or you can subscribe at the site to be sent a chapter a day. They are also available to download at Itunes.

All recordings for Librivox are in the public domain and entirely free. I did this project because I love George MacDonald and I wanted to do something to promote his works. It was a substantial amount of time and effort, though. (Total recording time is over 17 hours.) So, if you download it and like it, e-mail thanks are always appreciated. If you have Paypal and would like to donate $1, that would be a nice gesture, too. Maybe I could rouse myself up to read another one if this one is popular.

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