Sunday, January 13, 2008

Movie Prayers--Becket (x2) (1964)

"Lord...what do you really want me to do? To remain here, a poor monk in simplicity of spirit? Is it a path to bring me nearer to you? Or is it too easy a way, perhaps even...a luxury? Path to holiness in this monastery is too effortless. I think it will be too easy to buy you like this...bargain price. It has pleased you to make me archbishop, and to set me, like a solitary pawn, face to face with the king on the chessboard. I think you mean me to defend your honor--peacefully if I can, with argument and with compromise. If I cannot...then with the full challenge of my office and the soaring force of what I know to be right. So...I shall take up the miter again, and the golden cope, and the great silver cross, and I shall go and fight with the weapons it has pleased you to give me. For the rest...thy will be done."

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