Thursday, January 17, 2008

Helping Kids See Great Films

I've mentioned before in this blog that I find Kiva to be a places where I generally end up feeling good about sending a charitable donation. (They provide no interest micro-loans to needy entrepreneurs.)

Today I got a letter from Facets, a resource I've used to rent hard to find films only available on VHS such as Antonioni's "The Red Desert" or Bresson's "The Devil, Probably."

The letter mentioned that Facets has "set out to empower all children by creating an astonishing archive of the best non-violent, humanistic films for children" that could be viewed in screenings for little or no cost and that children could borrow free of charge.

Over 30,000 children attended the Chicago International Film Festival last year. I believe art can transform lives and bring hope to those who must struggle against daily realities far more harsh than those I have to confront.

Among some of the programs they are having trouble funding:

1) Free screenings of "non-violent humanistic films for children."
2) Free VHS rentals of these films to inner city kids.
3) Replacement of these VHS films with DVDS when available.
4) Chicago International Children's Film Festival.
5) Young Chicago Critics summer media art camp. (70% of kids who
attend do so on scholarship)


These seem like worthy programs to me.

The next time you and/or your friends go to the movies, why not lay aside the cost of one extra ticket as though you were taking someone with you who could not afford it? Then, why not send that money to Facets to help them continue these worthy programs.

I was priviliged as a child to have access to books and films.

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