Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Last week Cindy and I went out to Zebulon to play the disc golf course there. It is a long and particularly challenging course, so I was frustrated when we took a 4 on the second hole--one of the easiest on the course. We played through it, though, and eventually shot a 58.

Today I went to Buckhorn. I had a birdie on the first hole but took a disastrous 6 on hole 3. I fought back and even got under par before taking a bogey on 17 to finish the round at a respectable 54.

I'm doing better at fighting through an early set back and finding that I even have some successful rounds when doing so. I always used to feel like to have a great or even really good round I had to get off to a hot start, but really, you just have to play every hole.

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