Thursday, January 29, 2009

On the Allephorical Nature of Quantum of Solace

Several years ago I coined the term "allephorical" to describe a scene in Michael Bay's The Island, in which a hero and villain get increasingly tangled up in ropes and barbs while hanging from a ceiling trying to kill each other. An allephor is mushy combination of allegory and metaphor, usually denoting the interconnectedness of two seemingly opposing elements. Those who have seen Quantum of Solace will have no difficulty guess what my favorite scene was, nor why I was laughing inappropriately and responding to the query of "what's so funny?" with (in my best Mac McGarry voice), "It's allephorical!"

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lauramorefield2000 said...

Having (regretably) seen Quantum of Solace, I find myself pondering which moment was allephorical.

(Great coinage btw).

Q of S was a long, plotless blur to me...elucidate when you have the chance?