Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Dubious Accomplishment is Nevertheless an Accomplishment

In preparing for the upcoming Great 8 disc golf tournament, I decided to play Chapel Hill yesterday--a course I haven't played since (well last year's Great 8). I lost my gold SE Leopard on Hole 2 (grrr) and generally had a frustrating round, so I stopped at Cornwallis in Durham on the way home, where I promptly shot a 44.

Yeah, it was from the short tees, so a -10 at Cornwallis is no great shakes, except for the fact that you do have to make the putts and all. This raises to 3 1/2 the courses I've shot -10 at (Cornwallis, Bull Run, Rutgers, and Burke Lake in the old configuration--back when the current hole four was hole 7 and the holes across the road didn't exist.)

Cindy gets on me when I play to not make assumptions about a round, to remember that you often don't know where or when a good round is coming from. Yesterday was a case in point. I was -2 after seven holes, not a great start at Cornwallis and had missed a few holes I would normally get. Yet I birdied the next five in a row and eight out of nine (before overdriving 18 to settle for a par).

Golf life lessons 101--there's nothing you can do about the hole you just played. Get the next one.

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