Monday, November 05, 2007

I Have Joined...

...the IPod tidal wave.

Next up, I'll be podcasting my classes no doubt.

More on this earth shattering development as it occurs.

P.S. I have a measly 740 songs on my IPOD at the moment. (Sherry can mock me now.)


Peter said...

Is it one of the tron new ones with the touchscreen that is essentially an iPhone without the phone bit? If so, I burn with envy.
But I, too, snigger derisively at your paltry music holdings. I'll have to email you some mp3's for dignity's sake.
P.S. My browser's auto spell-checker does not recognize the word "snigger." Have dictionaries given up and changed it to "snicker?"

Laura said...

Welcome to the dark side! I would never snicker or snigger at your song count since, after 3 years, I only have 848 uploaded to my ipod!

I do have several videos, however, that make up for my poor showing in song count. And my photos from my last trip, too!