Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Shame on DeepDiscountDVD

So I got a "check" in the mail today for $5 from DeepDiscountDVD.

Odd...I hadn't remembered ordering anything from them recently, but maybe this was a late rebate from a previous order.

Nope, the fine print on the back of the check said that endorsing it and cashing it constituted an enrollment agreement for some service to provide rebates on gas and such for $119 per year.

Do I think a lot of people will be fooled into cashing the check without reading it? Perhaps not. But since I recently called out Peerflix for bad customer service, I thought I'd mention this deceptive practice from DeepDiscount.

It always saddens me when a company tries to win my business not by offering me a product they think I want or could use but by hoping to trick me into buying a product that they apparently KNOW I would not buy otherwise.

Which is what they are doing...and you can't tell me they don't know it.

Shame on you, DeepDiscountDVD.


Michial Farmer said...

Can I start putting stuff like that on the back of the checks I write? Would it be legally binding?

That whole thing sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Doug said...

Thanks for the warning, Ken; I haven't encountered that one yet.