Thursday, May 11, 2006

April Viewing Log

*= a second (or later) viewing
4/7--Elizabethtown (DVD)
4/7--Domino (DVD)
4/12--La Promesse (DVD)
4/18--We Don't Live Here Any More (DVD)
4/18--Million Dollar Baby* (DVD)
4/27--Aeon Flux (DVD)
4/27--Capote* (DVD)
Hmmm. April was not exactly the cruellest month, but in terms of movie watching, well I was grading a lot of papers and moving, so not much of interest on the slate. La Promesse (Dardennes) was probably the best. I thought Aeon Flux and Domino were stupid, but give a special prize to Elizabethtown for being irritatingly bad.

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