Friday, October 14, 2005

Englewood Park; Rocky Mount, NC

Since Fall Break hit campus, I decided to take a day and hit a course a little farther out that I haven't played before. I had a little trouble finding it, and there were some kids playing tag by the 18th Hole (cleared by the time I got there).

The course was sort of a disappointment. The front nine was very tight without any real fairways. By short, I mean around 200 feet. Very reachable, but only if you snake through trees. I threw a couple of lazy approaches for bogeys, including a frustrating one on the 371 foot 17th after I had thrown a good tee shot.

The one upside was that after the bogey on 17, I birdied 18 to go under par. Nice shot under a certain type of pressure.

Englewood Park:
2-3-2 4-3-3 2-4-2 OUT (25)
4-3-3 3-3-3 3-4-2 IN (28) 53

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