Saturday, July 09, 2005

Day 1: Cedar Hills & Kentwood; Raliegh, NC

Picked up the rental car for Disc Golf road trip 2005 today, so I've been psyched most of the day. I'm glad I decided to get the car on Saturday rather than Monday. Now I can get a quick start Monday morning.

The wait in line felt interminable but was actually only 30 minutes. I got a free upgrade to a Ford Focus, so I should have a bit more room.Since I was up in Raleigh anyway, I went ahead and stopped at Cedar Hills to get in some practice.

If my rounds today are any indication, I could be in big trouble. Maybe it was the heat, since I got there around 11. I had no energy at all. I managed to put together an okay round (57; short tees on 7, 10, 13 (uphill) and 18) but I should have shot better. I've been putting terrible the last few weeks, and it's now officially a slump. It seems like I'm always raising the nose on the Aviar and seeing it rise into the top ring, concentrating on keeping it flat and yanking it, or simply letting it go with no spin and watching it hit the bottom of the basket. I was trying to focus on stance today and making sure that I got my body and arm moving forward, but I had too many mental lapses.

I even tried stopping at Kentwood on the way back, figuring that would restore my confidence. I was -4 after 5 holes and then tree, tree, tree. (I didn't even think there were that many trees at Kentwood!)

A few days ago, I lost my SE Leopard at Buckhorn, so now nothing seems to turn right for me; I'm in that process of breaking in a new one and also using the Sidewinder for throws I wouldn't normally make. Patience.

On the positive, I made back to back deuces on 14 and 15 at Cedar Hills, the latter being a 320 downhill that I parked with the Sidewinder. That disc has some serious glide if I could throw it more consistently.cTomorrow will probably be busy, but I hope to make it out to Buckhorn for another practice round and up to Cary to get some books on CD to listen to in the car.

Totals Today:Cedar Hills -- 57 Kentwood -- 53 (wince)

Note to self--remember to take scorecards to remember scores on individual holes...and buy NEW SHOELACES for the hightops.

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